Welcome to Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters

Welcome to Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters

Greetings from Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce about CICR and to also commemorate our 3rd Anniversary. If you have been following us for quite some time, you must have noticed that we have always been quite low profile. We have never celebrated neither our 1st, nor 2nd anniversary. But with the current COVID-19 pandemic that has brought a devastating effect to a lot of businesses, this has also become a new challenge for us. This is a time for us to reminisce on our journey getting here and to look towards the future.

It all started back in 2017, when I came back from Germany with a passion to bring Specialty Coffee more accessibly to coffee drinkers in the place I grew up, Sabah. While we are most definitely not the ones who introduced speciality coffee here, as there were many predecessors before us who are all very respected figures in the coffee scene. Our aim is to expose the everyday coffee drinker and convert them into specialty coffee drinker. To allow them to understand that there is more to coffee than a latte or a flat white and as more people are exposed to the specialty coffee scene, we can make specialty coffee more accessible to our everyday guests. With the support from my cousin (and business partner), we co-founded Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters.

Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters is about bringing better quality coffee and making it more accessible to coffee drinkers out there. Of course, it isn't all sunshine and sandwiches, there were indeed many challenges we have faced, but Thank God we managed to brave through every of them. We were honoured to be the first and leading specialty coffee roasters in Sabah. From hosting the first East Regional Malaysia Aeropress Championship, to organising the first Barista Retreat, to competing in Malaysia Barista Championship Finals. It has been quite a journey.

In this sensational journey, we met a lot of amazing customers who eventually turned into close friends. We were lucky to have an amazing team behind, who most of them are youths in their 20's, they worked hard towards the same vision. At the same time, we have worked and collaborated with reputable individuals/companies on different projects. These are all the people that believed in us and I must say, we couldn't have gone so far without them. If you're reading this post right now, you're one of them that helped us built Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters. You're the reason why we're hopeful and always excited to make better coffee more accessible. 

Thank You for being a huge part of Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters on this journey.


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