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Crack Inc. Coffee Roasters

Magic Grounds Drip Bag Coffee

Magic Grounds Drip Bag Coffee

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Treat yourself to the luxurious indulgence of Magic Grounds. With a unique local design, this coffee will satisfy your daily coffee cravings while bringing out the nuanced flavors of dark chocolate, nougat, and orange zest. Enjoy your cup of Magic Grounds as a daily ritual or as a special treat.

Each box comes with 10 sachets of drip bag coffee
Ingredients: 10g Ground Coffee Blend
Flavour Profile: Dark Chocolate, Nougat, Orange Zest

Brewing Guide:
1. Tear off the drip bag along the dot line
2. Shake it lightly to level, place hangers onto cup
3. Slowly pour hot water through (92°C-96°C, 150ml-180ml)
4. Remove & discard used filter.
5. Serve & enjoy!

Made in Sabah, Malaysia.

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Customer Reviews

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Muhammad Rushdi Ibrahim
Delightfully bright & magical

The flavour profile is accurate: dark chocolate, nougat and orange zest. The orange zest is the highlight for me, it's delightfully bright and citrusy. I think non-coffee drinkers will be pleased with light to medium-body coffee. I like it!

Phoebe Lee
Purple Dream tastes good

I like the Purple Dream most